What do I remember? There was so much!

Was it the fantastic performance from the young Paige Barber who, together with so many other talented performers from Gretton kept villagers both entertained and amused for hours?

Was it the weather that was so kind after the monsoon of the previous day?

Was it the atmosphere of a community together with just two aims; to enjoy a knees up and to commemorate a unique Jubilee celebration?

Was it the presence of Corby Radio’s ‘Big Black Bus’ as a centrepiece for the day, a superb core for entertainment and broadcast?

Was it the look on Win Fletcher’s face, the first ever Miss Gretton from 1948, when with the original crown, she was crowned ‘Jubilee Queen’ for the day by the 2012 Miss Gretton, her granddaughter Zeenat Britt?

Was it all the stalls set up by village organisations and manned by volunteers along Kirby Road selling all sorts of things from coffee to ice creams, chocolates to tombola tickets, books to face paints and so much more from so many others?

Was it the patience and kindness of so many people, especially the residents of Kirby Road and surrounding roads and lanes who simply accepted that their homes would be effectively cut off for the day? But what the hell! Let’s all have a good time!

Was it the many villagers who spent hours organising the day to make sure it went so well?

There was so much. But, my overriding memory was when everyone gave a massive cheer to her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the second. After all, the celebration of her Diamond Jubilee was the reason why we were all there.

Mel Jarvis, June 8th 2012

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